Automatic Door

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The following is a transcript of the podcast: [00:20:06] This is the second of a three-part podcast series.

This week’s episode discusses automatic doors and door sensors.

[00, 00:21:10] When we were kids, there was no such thing as an automatic door.

[02:00:35] In fact, in our home, the only automatic door in the house was the one that opened when the kids were in the room.

[05:03:25] As a result, we had to learn how to open the door, close the door with our hands, and close the front door.

This process of learning to open, close, and open a door was called “automatic door learning”.

[10:02:04] The door was always locked at night.

[12:30:25) We learned to unlock the door and unlock the other side when the lights went out.

[14:30, 16:20, 21:00] When it was time for the kids to come home, we’d put the door down and open the front doors for them.

[22:30] The lights were turned off, so that if the kids wanted to leave, they could.

[25:00, 29:00][00:28:10][00,00:30][00.04:00| 00:31:00].

In this podcast, we discuss the safety of automatic doors.

Automatic door sensors are designed to automatically open and shut based on an environmental event such as an earthquake, fire, or flood.

[01:15:20] In some cases, they even detect when the door is locked and open automatically when the doors are opened.

Automatic doors can detect and lock the door automatically.

[03:13:30| 00.06:00 | 00:09:00], which means that when the homeowner wants to get out of the house, they can.

[04:15, 04:26, 06:00],[06:17, 06.10],[10:13, 10.20],[14:14, 14.55],[16:17] When doors are automatically closed, the door itself is automatically unlocked and the child inside can open and exit the house as well.

[20:00[00:27:40]] Automatic doors and automatic door sensors have become ubiquitous in the home.

They are used in many home automation systems, including thermostats, security systems, alarm systems, door locks, and much more.

[24:00 [00.03:00]] In the U.S., the number of automatic door locks has more than doubled in the last 15 years, according to data from the Consumer Electronics Association.

[26:40][00]In 2014, the National Association of Home Builders released a report titled “Automation for Safety.”

The report highlighted the importance of automatic locks and doors in preventing and responding to natural disasters and other emergencies.

[27:15]The report found that over 50% of all door locks are unsafe and that the vast majority of locks are ineffective at preventing burglaries and other criminal activity.

[28:30]] In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security released a “Home Security Challenge” which included an automated door sensor.

This is a product that is designed to detect if the homeowner is in a vulnerable location.

The home security device will detect if a door is open or locked and automatically open the lock.

[30:00 ] The homeowner will then have to manually open the locking door.

If the door has been opened manually, the homeowner will receive an alert saying “Auto door lock open.”

This alert will be sent to the homeowner’s cell phone, which can be used to notify the homeowner of an emergency. [35:00