Automatic Door

KENT, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KENT Automatic Doorways (KAED) announced today the launch of its first-ever full line of KAED automatic doorbells that are 100% made in the USA. The KAELO™ Automatic Door Bells come in a variety of colors and are manufactured in Texas.

“As one of the first companies to take on the task of designing and manufacturing their own automatic door systems, KAELS has achieved unprecedented success with their first line of products,” said Jim Langer, CEO and co-founder of KAKER Automatic Doorway Systems.

“They have also been extremely supportive of our efforts to build a quality, innovative product.”

The KAKERO® Automatic DoorBells are the first in a line of 100K automatic door-bells to be made in America.

They are a direct response to customer requests from the American public and offer a fully automatic system that allows customers to call in their desired doorbell call without having to use a keypad.

These products will go on sale in the US beginning in early 2018.

About KAKERAK Automatic Door WaysKAKERA KAERO Automatic Door Steps are the perfect addition to any garage or home automation system.

They feature a single button on the front of the door that automatically sends a call when the user presses a button.

KAKARAK® Door Steps also feature a unique sliding door that slides out when a user pushes the button.

These steps can be programmed to automatically send a call and receive a call back from a nearby system.

For more information about KAKERS Automatic DoorWay systems, visit:

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