Automatic Door

With the opening of the second phase of the $3 billion “Automatic Doors for New Zealand” program this year, the door locks are set to be replaced by a system that’s easier to operate and that automatically detects the door is open.

The doors will be installed at some of Auckland’s most popular venues including the Auckland Zoo, Auckland Zoo and Otago Zoo, along with many other venues across the city.

The project, which was first announced in 2014, is being piloted in three areas.

First up is the Central Otago Convention Centre, which will use the system to automatically lock and unlock doors on the first and second floors.

“We’re very excited about this,” Auckland Zoo curator of mammals Dr Jennifer Pappas told the NZ Herald.

The other major venue is Auckland’s main airport, the airport terminal. “

I’m a little worried about the safety of the people at the Zoo and our animals and the animals themselves.”

The other major venue is Auckland’s main airport, the airport terminal.

“The airport terminal is going to be a major venue and the doors will automatically open,” Ms Pappan said.

“This will be a really exciting time.”

The system will also be used to operate gates and taxiways at the airport.

In addition, there will be some modifications to the entrance and exit of the main gate, where doors will not open.

“All doors will have a locking mechanism that’s built into the door itself,” Ms Dickson said.

The gates will also automatically open when the doorbell rings, with the system being programmed by the airport itself.

The system has been tested in the Otago Bay Zoo, and it will also operate in Wellington.

“For us it’s a great opportunity to give the public the same level of security as in the zoo,” Ms Sneddon said.

As part of the new locks, a small amount of water will be added to the air, so it’s easier for people to get in and out of the venue.

Ms Denton said the system was expected to be fully operational by 2020.

The first phase of this project, dubbed “Autumn Lock”, will be implemented in December.

The Auckland Zoo is currently installing automated doors at all of its venues, including the Central Zoo, the Otua Zoo and the Otawa Zoo.

Other venues will see the doors removed in January.

“Automated door removal and installation is a big undertaking, and we’re confident we’ll be able to complete it in time,” Ms Ritchie said.

However, she added that a lot of work still needed to be done before the new doors would be operational.

“There are a lot more steps to take, but it’s important to get this right, because this is going into people’s homes,” she said. With AAP

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