Automatic Door

Automated doors are being tested for safety, but some residents are still worried about the impact on their privacy.

A review by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads found “there is a risk of a breach of the privacy of people who do not have a seatbelt”, and the Department is taking measures to improve the quality of the automated doors.

But the Queensland Police Service says the “vehicle-to-vehicle encryption system will prevent theft” and that “there has been no evidence of the doors being used for criminal purposes”.

The system uses a device called a biometric reader that uses a “digital fingerprint” to scan a vehicle’s interior for a “unique identifier”.

This is a code that the driver can unlock the doors using the “door key”.

“If the door key is lost, the vehicle is automatically locked,” said the Queensland Transport Authority.

The driver can lock the doors manually or use the fingerprint to unlock the vehicle automatically.

“It’s more difficult than it looks.

There’s not a lot of data, there’s not much that’s stored, so the driver’s data is at risk,” said Queensland Police Commissioner Mick Keogh.

The Queensland Police force has tested the technology in an “early stage” but it’s only been used for two weeks, and there have been no reports of theft.

The department has also installed cameras in some of its automated doors to help ensure the doors are locked at all times.

It’s been installed in the Brisbane CBD, and the City of Brisbane is also looking at the technology.

The first cars to be tested will be in early 2020, and a fleet of two vehicles will be available by the end of 2020.

“The vehicle encryption system is now a matter for the Queensland Government and is subject to a thorough evaluation process,” said a statement from the department.

“If the Queensland government is satisfied the system is safe and effective, then the Queensland State Government will consider making the vehicles available for use in the future.”

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