Automatic Door

A new study suggests automatic door doctors are not as effective as the auto key as it relates to reducing accidental entry.

The study, which was published Thursday in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, examined the effectiveness of automatic door doors versus manual door doctors.

“We did this to try and understand the effectiveness and safety of this new technology in preventing accidental entry,” study author and emergency medicine professor Robert J. Mott told ABC News.

Mott and his colleagues analyzed more than 2,500 emergency room visits between 2005 and 2014, using data from the National Health and Social Life Survey.

“These data show that door doctors do not reduce the likelihood of patients being injured or dying in the event of an accidental entry by nearly as much as the safety of the automatic door would predict,” Mott said.

The researchers concluded that a majority of patients who were admitted to emergency rooms were admitted because of an unintentional entry.

However, when patients were forced to undergo surgery and were not able to avoid the procedure, they were more likely to die from an accident.

The authors also determined that the use of an automatic door door reduced the likelihood that patients would die from a heart attack or a stroke, compared to patients who had to undergo the surgery.

“There is evidence that door-only doors may be safer for patients than doors with the power switch,” Mowson said.

Mowson and his team said the findings support the use as an option in emergency rooms, even though there is still research to explore.

“In our opinion, we’re doing more harm than good,” Motson said in an interview with ABC News.

“We’re not making an exception for patients in need.

There are patients in our community that need help, and we’re making an example of them by not providing them with an automatic entry.”ABC News’ Paul Dehner and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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