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It is about people dying.

If you think that is not so, look no further than the recent death of a family of four.

They are all men.

A mother, two boys and a girl.

All three of them are in their late 40s, who were all part of a household of four, one of whom is an adult.

They all had been working in their fields.

A man in his 40s is the sole breadwinner and his wife and children live on a disability pension.

He is a part-time gardener and works two jobs, one at the bank and the other in the home improvement industry.

The family’s final days have been marked by fear.

They were all in their 70s, and the loss of their work would be devastating.

They had worked for more than 30 years.

They would have to do what they could to survive on their own.

The women in the family were also in their 80s.

All four of them were mothers and all three of the boys were teachers and carers.

They were all employed in the agricultural sector, which is the fastest growing sector in Ireland.

All three had been with the company for more to than 30 minutes.

The death of the family has been reported in The Irish News, The Irish Examiner, The Times, the Irish Independent, The Local and The Independent.

The Irish Independent said they had been called “the most powerful family in the world”.

The woman’s husband died at the age of 87, the woman in her 90s, the man in her 70s.

The four were all well respected and well respected, said the mother.

The father died a few years ago and the couple is now together again.

They are all very happy to be alive and to be with their children and grandchildren.

They have no regrets, no bitterness.

They have had a great life.

They all have good jobs.

They would never have wanted to die like this.

Their death has been described as “a shock to all”.

The family are devastated by their loss and want to speak out to say: “We are all here with you and we will not stop fighting for you and to give you the support you need”.

They have written to The Irish Government and to the Irish Council of Trade Unions to demand a minimum wage increase, a paid holiday, a pension, better paid maternity leave, paid sick leave and an end to the “hidden disability” clauses in the contracts they signed when they arrived in the country.

They also want to put a stop to all of the policies that “have made this a more insecure country”.

They want to end all of these hidden disability clauses in their contracts and have asked for the same conditions to be included in any new contracts for those coming to Ireland.

They want their case to be heard by a tribunal.

Their family has said they are “devastated, broken, frightened and devastated” by their death.

Their mother, who is working in her 60s, said: “There is no doubt we are in shock.

The family have been living in fear for some time.

They just wanted to be together, to be cared for by one another.

There was nothing in the contract that would have prevented this.”

The father said: “(The company) was the one who made me a man.

They paid me for my work, I paid them.

I was just an employee.

There is nothing wrong with that.”

The last thing I wanted was for the company to die.

“He has been told that the family are “living in terror” and that he cannot visit them for the last time.

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