Automatic Door

Hyundai’s eos is a premium crossover that combines the styling of the Hyundai Ioniq with the convenience of a sedan.

It is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine and features a rear-facing sunroof and a 7.0 inch touchscreen. 

The Hyundai eo is the first in the Hyundai family to feature an auto-locking rear door.

The auto-lock feature will unlock the doors automatically when the doors are opened. 

There are five automatic doors and they are: The front-facing front door.

This one has a locking mechanism, which is activated by turning the key. 

Two of the front-view mirrors are also locked. 

These mirrors are mounted to the front bumper. 

In front, there is an optional headlight, and the LED headlights have a tint that is different to standard LED headlights. 

Three of the rear-view mirror are not locked.

The remaining four mirror are locked.

The front and rear doors are connected with a locking system.

The doors are located in the rear centre console, with the center console located behind the driver and the steering wheel in front. 

A rear-mounted solar panel is installed behind the doors.

The panels are located on either side of the centre console. 

To change the speed of the headlights, there are two button controls located on the centre consoles, one for each of the two headlights.

The two front- and two rear-mounted solar panels can be adjusted in three different positions. 

On the dashboard, there’s a large display that shows the time of day and the current distance traveled. 

Hyundai’s eo also features the same rear-vision camera as the Hyundai Sonata and the BMW M3. 

Other than the rear parking sensors, the eos also features a smart cruise control. 

With the Hyundai eon, Hyundai has also added a 3D digital rear-seat audio system with a digital display and two speakers.

The system features an adjustable sound level control.

Hyundai also introduced the eo Plus in the United States and the Hyundai i30 in Europe.

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