Automatic Door

In an industry that’s dominated by traditional manufacturers, door manufacturers will compete on price, performance and safety.

While a door’s appearance and features may vary depending on its manufacturer, a new system could make it easier for consumers to find the right door for them.

The Automated Door Labels (ADL) program, launched in March by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aims to identify and certify all auto doors that meet a minimum set of criteria.

The program was developed by NHTSA and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), which includes the makers of most major brands, such as Nissan and Toyota.

ADL, a joint effort between the NHTAS and NAM, aims to reduce auto door recalls and save lives.

The program is designed to save lives, and to improve auto safety, according to NHTA spokeswoman Joanna Condon.

In addition to identifying safety standards, the ADL program aims to improve the quality of products.

“With the ADLEL program, NHTAs goal is to identify products that meet the minimum standards and have the safety and reliability of the manufacturer’s product,” Condon said.

“NHTAS is committed to ensuring the safety of the automotive industry and consumers.

Automated door manufacturers can expect to see faster and more effective results than traditional manufacturers.”

Advance Automation Systems (AAS) is one of several automakers that are developing the ADLA system, which will be available to manufacturers from July 2019.

In the next few months, the program will also test the safety claims of several existing auto door brands.AAS has a history of creating safety-certified auto door models, including the Kia Soul, Kia Sportage, KIA Genesis, Mazda3, and Honda Civic.

AAS will test the ADLOS system on these models, and will evaluate the claims of new ADL models.

“We have been working closely with manufacturers to develop the ADLAB system,” AAS CEO Scott Pascarella said in a statement.

“It is a new and important approach to automating auto door manufacturing and will allow manufacturers to better meet their safety standards.

The ADLAB program will provide manufacturers with the data needed to make informed safety decisions.”

In order to receive the ADLS certification, the manufacturer must provide an inspection report and a copy of a safety inspection certificate, a copy or certified copy of which is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

In 2017, more than 2.3 million ADLs were issued nationwide.

“Automated door makers are making tremendous strides in addressing safety concerns,” NHTAA’s Condon told ABC News.

“They’re improving quality and safety in our cars.

And now, manufacturers are taking advantage of the new technology to reduce recalls and to save consumers lives.

It is important to recognize the value of these innovations and provide the best product experience possible to ensure the safety, comfort and comfort of our consumers.”

For more information about the ADLES program, visit the ADl website.

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