Automatic Door

California’s new “Automatic Elevator Door” law allows people to enter a home, with a click of the button, without a physical door or a key, in an effort to prevent crime and protect residents from being mugged. 

The bill, SB2178, was approved by the state Senate on Wednesday and is expected to be signed into law by the governor by the end of the day.

The law, which took effect Jan. 1, allows people with a valid driver’s license to open doors with a thumbprint.

The law does not specify what happens when someone does this.

The measure also allows people who enter a house with a mobile phone to use the mobile phone as a key to unlock doors, but not as a door key.

Under the bill, someone who uses the phone as an automatic door key will need to show a valid California ID card, and if they are carrying a firearm, they will need a valid permit to do so.

The bill does not say if that means they need to get a permit to carry a gun in their home, though it does allow for the state to issue permits to those with permits.

The bill was introduced by state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-San Francisco), who said he wanted to make it easier to keep people safe.

“If a burglar can get into your home, that means he can break into your family’s home and steal your loved ones,” Lieu said.

“If someone comes to your house with an automatic elevator, the person who enters your home will be forced to open the door, and that is not safe.

That’s why this law is so important.”

Under the law, the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the home is required to notify the owner of the property, who then has to get authorization to enter the home, according to the bill.

If the owner does not get permission, the agency must notify the sheriff, who will then have to issue a permit.

The legislation allows for the opening of all doors on the property and also requires that if the doors are locked, there is a key on the outside of the door.

California is the first state to enact an automatic key to entry law, after the Massachusetts law was passed in 2016.

California passed the law to make the law easier to enforce.

According to the law’s website, a person must be at least 21 years old and have a valid photo identification card to apply for a California ID.

The California law also says that an owner who opens a door to someone other than an authorized person without a valid identification card must also provide the owner with a signed affidavit that shows that the owner did not know the person was an unauthorized person or did not give the owner the proper authorization to do this.

The act also requires the sheriff to inform the owner or someone acting on behalf of the owner if a person is not an authorized user of a vehicle and to notify them of any unauthorized entry, and it requires the owner to report suspected criminal activity by the person to law enforcement.

If the person is an unauthorized user of the vehicle, the sheriff can issue a citation to the person.

Law enforcement officials have said that the law does nothing to prevent burglars from getting into a home with a key and getting away with the crime.

But they have said it is a step to making it easier and faster for the police to stop the crime and to identify the person they think is responsible.

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