Automatic Door

Automated doors are coming to all new vehicles this year, with Lamborghinis announcing that its doors will be the first to feature the new technology.

Automatic Lamborghina doors are designed to be self-powered and have been introduced in the new 2017/2018 models.

The doors open automatically and can be shut by pressing a button.

Automatic doors are currently only available on Lamborghines luxury sports cars and the sports coupe.

Automated Lamborghin’s new doors are expected to be released in 2019, but they will only be available on some models.

The automaker is also adding the ability to turn the door into a car door, which is already available on the 2017/18 model.

Automatic doors have been available on all of Lamborghi’s luxury sports car lines since they were introduced in 2017.

Autonomous Lambo’s doors are the most advanced technology on the company’s Lamborghine line, and Lamborghinas first model will be equipped with it.

The automaker’s first vehicle to offer the technology will be introduced in 2019.