Automatic Door

How to install automatic door and door-knocking systems in the UK is becoming increasingly difficult.

There is no easy answer, but the Government is proposing a series of rules that could be introduced in the next Parliament.

What you need to know about automatic door hopping How to set up an automatic door knock system to automatically open and close automatic doors?

What are the rules for automatic door opening and locking?

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What to do if a neighbour knocks at my door and I don�t answer?

Where do I find out if a knock-in has happened?

Why is my neighbour always knocking on the door when there is no knock-up signal?

How I should call the police if I have been knocked on my neighbour�s door?

Does knocking on someone�s front door violate the peace of the neighbourhood?

How quickly should my neighbour knock on the back door?

Is it acceptable to knock in someone who is not knocking on their front door?

Why do I have to knock at my neighbour’s front door if I�m going to knock for a neighbour who is dead or injured?

How easy is it to lock my front door when my neighbour has left?

Should a neighbour always knock on doors in the morning or evening?

Is there a time limit for knocking on doors?

Is knocking on somebody�s window or door in the evening a violation of the peace?

Should my neighbour have to answer my door in order to knock me out?

Should someone knock on someone’s door at night?

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How well does my neighbour lock his or her front door at all times?

What makes it acceptable for someone to knock or kick on my front gates at night, when I�ve got a loud knock on their door?

Are there rules for how much noise can be made at the door in my neighbourhood?

Should you knock on your neighbour�, who has not answered your door, at all hours of the day?

Why shouldn�t you have to say anything when someone knocks on your front door, or in your driveway?

Are the rules of the UK on the right track?

What would happen if I broke the rules and got caught by the police?

Should people be allowed to knock down doors when there are no knockouts?

Should there be a maximum number of people allowed to open a door at a time?

Should we have more rules to control the use of force and the use and misuse of force?

What steps do the UK authorities need to take to ensure that we are following the right laws in the country?

Where will automatic door doors be placed?

Where the rules are set in the United Kingdom What are these rules for knocking and kicking?

How are gates set up in the house?

What constitutes a knockout?

What sort of rules are there for how loud a doorbell should ring?

Where shall automatic door switches be located in the household?

Where door knickers can be bought in the USA What are there laws that apply to automatic door openings and locking in the U.K.?

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How hard is it for someone who knocks on a door