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What’s next for the auto industry?

There’s a lot to ponder as the nation grapples with the impact of climate change and rising seas.

First, there’s the issue of who will be the buyer for the industry, a question that has been answered already with the departure of GM.

But there’s another looming question.

Can the auto makers do the right thing and sell their vehicles in an environmentally responsible way?

“There’s a new generation of auto makers who are not going to be able to compete with the new technologies that we’re putting in place,” said Scott Burns, vice president of global vehicle strategy for the National Automobile Dealers Association.

“The fact that the industry is not able to get into that new market is a big challenge.

And that’s going to create a lot of uncertainty for the next several years.”

The next big question: Can they get the same kind of financial flexibility as General Motors?

Burns said the next auto maker could be GM, which already has the cash to invest in research and development and build new technologies.

GM is the biggest auto maker, but it’s still far behind General Motors and Ford, which together have nearly $1 trillion in market capitalization.

“What GM is doing is going to have a tremendous impact on the auto market and what is going on in the auto supply chain,” Burns said.

“They’ve got an enormous amount of cash.

If GM can make a really big bet in this space, it could help drive down costs and drive a lot more manufacturing.”

But what about all those other auto makers that are moving toward electric vehicles?

The industry is already seeing a surge in electric vehicles, with Ford’s electric Ford Focus EV now the most popular car in the U-Haul fleet.

But GM is poised to take the lead in that market as well, as its own electric Bolt EV will start shipping in the fourth quarter.

GM has invested billions in the company’s battery research and engineering labs and is looking to take advantage of advances in electric motor technology, such as the Bolt’s 100kW lithium ion battery pack.

But the Bolt will also require a plug-in hybrid, which is an electric vehicle that requires a hybrid or battery swap.

The Bolt is a $50,000 car, but Burns said that price tag could fall as the car starts to be offered in larger fleets.

The Bolt’s battery is expected to last about 40,000 miles, which would be more than four times the average electric vehicle’s range.

The company is also considering adding a range extender, a device that allows the Bolt to travel on its own without needing to have any extra batteries in the vehicle.

Burners said he expects the electric vehicle market to continue to grow in the years ahead, and GM could become the largest auto maker in that industry by 2035.

But he also said the auto companies need to find a way to scale their operations, and that’s what he sees as the biggest challenge for the automakers as the industry becomes more environmentally friendly.

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