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As the election nears, the U.S. election system is being challenged for its failure to prevent widespread voter fraud.

As a result, the election is now being watched closely for possible violations of election laws and potentially for possible abuses of power by election officials.

In an exclusive report from EW, EW has learned that election officials are considering shutting down voting centers in states that have been hit with the worst wave of election-related lawsuits in the nation.

In the meantime, we’ve got exclusive footage of some of the challenges facing election officials and a look at some of what’s on the line in 2016.

The Election is on: What the Election Means for the Future of Voting RightsThe story begins with a moment in early October when a local sheriff’s deputy noticed a man who was “extremely drunk and disorderly.”

The deputy, with the help of another deputy, arrested the man and brought him to a local jail.

As the deputies and other law enforcement officers watched in horror, the man began to argue with them.

Then, as the deputies attempted to calm him down, the intoxicated man began attacking the officers.

The deputies called for backup, but the man attacked and injured two officers.

As deputies tried to take the man into custody, he pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them, injuring another.

The deputies fired two shots at the man, striking him in the chest and neck.

After the man was taken to a nearby hospital, the deputies arrested him.

A week later, another deputy spotted the man again, this time with blood coming from his mouth.

He was taken in for questioning.

The man’s face was bloody and swollen.

He had a small knife in his hand.

His bloodied face was still visible through the window of his patrol car.

The deputy’s partner was able to identify the man’s blood type and took the man to a hospital for treatment.

A few days later, the sheriff’s deputies were called to a hotel room where a man had been stabbed.

He died.

A month later, a man approached a local polling station and began arguing with poll workers.

He then attempted to enter a room and fight poll workers before being apprehended.

He is now in jail awaiting trial for murder and assault.

The man was not charged with murder.

However, in April, a jury found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to life in prison.

The sheriff’s department did not pursue any charges against him.

In November, another man approached the polling station, this one a woman.

She was visibly distraught and crying.

After an altercation with the poll workers, the woman attempted to flee the polling place.

A deputy followed her, and she and her two young children were injured when the deputy opened fire.

She is now serving a life sentence without parole.

In early December, another local sheriff was attacked by a man.

He lost a tooth in the assault.

He suffered a broken nose and several other injuries.

The woman, who was not involved in the attack, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for attempted murder and other charges.

In the weeks following these incidents, the local elections office in the town of East Rutherford, New Jersey, began receiving reports of people voting illegally, which prompted the state’s secretary of state to investigate the problem.

On December 8, the secretary of public safety sent a letter to local election officials asking them to stop “the illegal voting in some of our polling locations,” and to “review the process and procedures” used to catch people who had voted illegally.

This was after the local polls office began receiving calls from voters who had been unable to vote at all.

The state’s Secretary of State, Kim Wyss-Coronel, ordered that any voter who received a letter of this nature be investigated and charged with a crime.

The state of New Jersey then went to court to compel local elections officials to stop the illegal voting.

The case involved a voter in the New Jersey town of Manasquan, where about half of the town’s population is of foreign descent.

The court ordered the elections office to “remove all instances of illegal voting from our polling places.”

The state also sued to have the county election supervisor investigate the voting situation in the city of North Carolina, where the election was scheduled to be held on December 15.

The judge sided with the elections official and ordered the supervisor to “prohibit” the vote.

In a press conference, North Carolina’s attorney general called the ruling “unconstitutional and un-American.”

In an interview with EW, Wyss Coronel, New York’s secretary general, said the county elections office has been unable “to conduct itself in a manner consistent with the United States Constitution, or with our laws and the law enforcement system.”

Coronel also said that election law experts have been “skeptical” of the election system and its integrity.

He said he has not seen any evidence of “any kind of evidence of any voter fraud in our elections

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