Automatic Door

An automatic door machine in Toledo, Ohio, opened its doors with just a tap of a button.

The Toledo Automatic Door Machine (TODM) was set up to do the job of a standard, non-automated door opener.

But that didn’t stop some residents of the city of Toledo from taking their door locks apart to get their hands on a piece of software that allowed them to open the doors remotely with just their hands.

The machine’s owner, Robert Hildebrandt, told Fox 4 Toledo he received the device to test for security after hearing rumors that someone had been able to break into the machine.

Hildebrandts son told the station the device can open the door remotely by turning a knob on the back.

But Hildebrands son didn’t have a key to unlock the door itself.

Hildenbrandt said he received instructions from his son on how to open an automatic door with his hands, so he decided to build the device himself.

The machine’s only problem was finding a way to install the software.

Hillebrandt explained to Fox 4 he purchased a remote door opener and installed it on a van he had bought.

He said he then had the machine set up remotely and that’s when the doors started opening.

“I went back to the front door and said, ‘I’m opening up this door,'” HildeBrandt told Fox Four Toledo.

“The doors started moving and I could hear the doors open.”

He said he also tried to use a small metal plate to lift the door off the van.

But he couldn’t get the door to open, so Hilde brandt started the machine with a remote button.

When the door opened, he said the machine made a loud “pop” noise.

“You could hear it pop,” Hilde brained.

“It sounded like a door opening and closing.

I had to pull it out.

I couldn’t open it.”

The doors stayed open, but Hilde brandedit felt like he was getting frustrated with the process.

“They were just not opening up the doors that fast, so that was disappointing,” he said.

The doors then opened automatically and opened with the click of a switch, but the door didn’t close properly, so the machine didn’t open the locks.

Hilde told Fox4 Toledo he would have bought another door opener if he had more money to spend.

Hildabrandt told the Toledo Blade that the doors opened automatically when they were touched, but he said he wasn’t sure if they would close properly if the machine was turned off or not.

He also said he doesn’t like to see his doors open when he’s not using them, so it’s not an option for him to do so.

Hilebrandt did not immediately return a request for comment.

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