Automatic Door

NEW YORK (AP) — It may be cheaper and more durable than some cat door ideas, but one of the latest cat door innovations might be less than ideal.

New Cat Door Technologies says its new “auto cat door” technology can automatically shut the door when it detects a cat.

Cat Door Systems says it’s the first cat door technology to work with the CatBot robot, which works with cats and dogs to open doors.

The company’s CatBot system is a robotic robot that looks like a cat, but it can open doors and move objects without the help of humans.

“It’s a very clever concept and a great concept to bring to the market,” said Matt Dennison, director of marketing at Cat Door, an advertising and technology company.

“It can really help us in helping people keep their pets more productive.”

Dennison says the Catbot is also more reliable than cat door prototypes in the past.

It also has built-in GPS and an accelerometer that helps it track the cat’s progress.

The CatBot can be controlled remotely from the smartphone app on its mobile phone, and it will keep a distance of up to three feet between the cat and the door.

The company says it hopes to have CatBot in homes by 2020, with a full retail release by 2021.