Automatic Door

Greece’s state broadcaster, Egypia, said on Monday that a €7,000 ($8,700) “door” would be installed to house migrants, who are often turned away from asylum shelters.

The government had earlier asked the European Union for funding for the project.

The door would be attached to a fence that would surround a makeshift camp on the Greek island of Lesbos and allow migrants to board buses that would take them to reception centres on the mainland.

The Greek government also said that it would pay for the installation of the door in three stages.

The first phase would cost €2,000.

The second phase would take about five months and cost €7.5 million.

The third phase would start later this year.

“I think the construction of the automatic door is a very important step in the process of establishing a permanent, secure and humane response to asylum seekers who seek asylum,” Egyporos Tzortzinis, the minister in charge of the asylum program, told the parliament.